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The Hebrew Quest

I’ve just got a blog feedback from a guy called Jonathan Yalon. He got here through a comment I left at Ron Gilbert’s site ! He has a nice hebrew site about adventure games: It’s worth taking a visit, … Continue reading

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Monkeying around

Here is A nice article about a girl who decides to play Monkey Island 1 nowadays, in search for the good old adventure game disipline she had of not looking at walkthroughs. Very interesting read, i completly agree with her … Continue reading

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High Hopes

Wow. I have something to wait for !!! I’ve known about them from quite some time now, but they’s finally opened up their website today ! Bad Brain Entertainment gives hope for the revival of the adventure game genre. They … Continue reading

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Gilbert’s Gaming Grumps

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My life is full of irregularities. Always is and always has been. They manifest themselves in diffrent shapes and sizes. But one thing is certain, i cannot obtain a routine for too long. It just doesn’t happen to me. I … Continue reading

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Lee has finally turned 23 ! which means she can now.. ahmm.. which mean she is now …. ahmmm what happens when you hit 23 ? *shrug* She’s 23, which means she’s now a year older then she was last … Continue reading

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I though i forgot to go somewhere today. I didn’t. It’s next week. I did forgot to go somewhere yesterday. Again, not a great loss. i’m still confused and i need to start using my diary more. Hopefully I won’t … Continue reading

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Long overdue site maintanance

I’m doing some additions to the site. It’s gonna run even slower. MUWAHAHAHA ! Nah, it’s not gonna run slower then it does now, but at least you’d be able to see if someone left a comment !

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