I’m utterly swamped.
I have TOO much i need to accomplish, and SO LITTLE time to do it.

on my way home, i began with a list of at least 13 things i’d like done by the end of today.
Now being almost 23:00, and having done about 3 of them (one being posting the last two posts), i fear i’ll never accomplish what i want in time.

For example, I wanted to eat dinner, bake a cake from the strawberries i bought today before the go all rotten, play some KOTOR2 before i go to sleep, watch something on TV, update my Wish list, post stuff in my blog, take care of some MBA registrations i need done, answer my emails, check my homepages, and work on the lecture i’m gonna give during the Starbase 972 Passover convention.

Now, i’ll go do 2 thing : eat dinner and watch TV.


I’m never gonna make it…
If only i didn’t have to literally SPEND so much time at work.
Other then the fact that i get money each month, work is a complete waste of time.

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