Who are your friends ?

Who are your friend ?
Who can you say is a true friend, and who can’t you ?

I have two “so called” friends who really offended me.
Not by doing something, but by lying and manipulating me to think they value me, as a friend, person, and as a co-worker.
But when the time has come, their loyalty as friends revealed itself to be false.

They had been repeatedly reasoned something by them as one thing, taking me as an example for why something cannot happen. And when the exact same situation occured again, this time with another one of our friends, the situation was reversed. As if the same laws didn’t apply for me and for the other friend.

I’ve been decieved and betrayed.

Should I keep the same friendship i have with those “friends” ?

What about stuff you tell your friends, for bad or for worse, if for consulting with them, or for complaining about something, are then used against you ?
Are they still your friends, then?

Isn’t there such a thing as Friend-Patient confidentiality ?

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