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No change.

And again, no emails. Other then a cute video of cat bloopers from Amnon. Thanks Amnon, we both laughed. For those of you who didn’t play Case of the crabs last year when i linked to it, you have the … Continue reading

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no emails.

This is odd, in the past 24 hours, all i got was 1 email. I’m sure it’s not server problems as usual, because when there are server problems I don’t get any emails.. I actually got 1 email and 1 … Continue reading

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Holy Crap !

I’ve started teaching myself flash. Here’s the result of my first tryouts: And meet Mr. Toamato, in person :

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cool lyrics

I heard on the radio today a song by anastacia, where there’s a line i really agree with: ‘Cause I’m sick and tired Of always being sick and tired I can relate to that.

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POWER TO THE PEOPLE (at reasonable hours)

A co-worker have sent me this: Sleep first, Work later I’m starting a revolution. Who’s joining ?

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Trip to jerusalem with Lee’s family

I’m just back from a trip to Jerusalem with Lee’s family. The kids were fun to play with, and we managed to shortly visit Ofir and Lena’s house in Jerusalem. We also ate a good lunch in Abu Gosh, in … Continue reading

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Star Trek Convention

There was a nice star trek convention today, where lee and i gave lectures. Mine was called “How to destroy the earth” and it was based on this webpage which was linked here a while ago. I also participated in … Continue reading

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