Dad hospital tales – Continued.

So even though my mom is very worried, I get the feeling that my dad is doing much better.
He’s walking and seems rather ok, but has a temprature of 37.4-38.4. And he’s slightly yellowish, and he doesn’t sleep too much.
So we left the hospital at 22:00 so he can sleep until they wake him to do tests at 5am..
I’m confident that the slight fever is just his body fighting some infections. He looked slightly yellow, which also fits to this profile.
He didn’t have an appetite for dinner, so I went to the super market and bought instant chicken soup (from real chickens) which he drank and is a well known medicine, and he did eat a yogurt with strawberry jam, which is good for both the immune system and the calcium for bone regeneration.
In overall i’m far less worried then before, even though my mom is worried that the operation and the sleeping agent caused him to become weak and senile, like happen to a friend of theirs years ago.
So yes, my dad seems weak, but i say it’s a matter of time he gets back to his usual self and even better…

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