Daily highlights for yesterday

First, my Dad is doing great. Already at home since thursday, walking well, and looks much better. We urge him to rest, but he is eager to play with the new toy he got in form of a titanium transplant in his back.

My back is hurting as well from this prolonged sitting in front of my PC, so I rode to the beach where I managed to avoid getting poison burnt by jelly fish and swimmed a little.
Later I had to go with Lee to her dance studio’s case show, where suprisingly i’ve also met my mother who’s dance teacher also teaches there.
It was boring, but for some reason I wasn’t as aggetated as i’m usually am when i’m bored.
Came back home to play more warcraft, but didn’t maange to get what i wanted in the game yesterday..
Today i need to fix something in the php here on the server and go to a meeting in the Technion, and work a little on progressing Corbomite‘s projects. One of which is Corbomite’s own website, which now features php random magic.

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