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overdue update

‘Tis a long post. Beware. And non coheren.t Conflict. Conflict, is the basis of every dramatic narative. It’s the basis of books, it’s the basis film, it’s the basis of movies, it’s the basis of motion pictures. I know. The … Continue reading

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leisure suit larry played on the accordion on YouTube

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Icon so for is mediocre as usual. Neil Gaiman is ok, but not the godlike figure people make him to be. Barnabas would beg my differ. here’s me in YNet. Watch before it’s deleted.,7340,L-3313153,00.html

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To: Weird Al Yancovik Customer Support please stop working with DHL ! Today i had the most unpleasant experience when attempting to receive my rightfully purchased weird Al CD and DVD. DHL decided, against Israeli laws and regulations, to charge … Continue reading

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