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Corbomite Games New Website !

Check it out !

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Blogoshpere size

Jeff Pulver (Aka. Aswesome party guy) whos blog i started reading, have started a Blog -tag game that has reached 28 generations in one of the branches. Basically it should spread at a rate of power of five, which means … Continue reading

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And today, the letter G

Following the meme chain from Firesheep Blog: 1. Comment here and get a a letter. 2. Write 10 things you like that begins with the letter.

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Sorry Assaf

Thou shall kneel before your god. Assaf razon only got 72%

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Last week, staring up and registering Corbomite was (and still is) the most tiring, exhausting, exhilitaring and fun i have had in a long time. Almost as much fun as we had when Claudia and Dead were here, but with … Continue reading

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