back from GDC and the US

well, i’m back, and jet lagged. (a few MMO jokes about lag comes to mind).

In overall GDC and the trip was a great success. First, i had TONS of fun. It was a vacation I much needed.
Zbang amounted a bunch of great reviews when I demoed it, and I have made hundreds of new contacts (read: I got more than 400 business cards to go through)

I have too many GDC stories to tell, but no time to do so, becaue now starts the “follow up” period where i have to send all those 400 people emails, and follow up on them and the leads I got during the conference. There’s a lot on the stake.
I hope I’ll get to post those stories and pictures soon.

For now, you can read Dave’s blog with some GDC posts, which I appear in:GDC Monday
GDC Tuesday
GDC Wednesday

I’ll just give you a nice Car 4 Ron picture to end this post with:

Oded meeting the creator.
(of Monkey Island – Ron Gilbert)

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