I am.
Not Enough.

Last thursday, Dana Lee and I, decided to get drunk. A bottle of breezer made me somewhat happy, and i started with some random nonsense. A second bottle of Campari Mix a few hours later didn’t seem to have an effect.

Since 90% of my friends are geek/nerds who don’t drink, i don’t get to be in situations where i can drink. Plus, i don’t like neither beer, nor wine. so that leaves the another 9% of my friends who when talking about drinking, it’s all about beer.

I’d like go out, and to be drunk and to have fun.

maybe one day with the right company.

Being slightly drunk, is very fun and i miss the days where i’d have had oppurtunities to be slightly drunk.
even though there wern’t a lot of those. I feel like i’ve missed out on somethingin my youth that. I’m sure i’m not the only person who feels like he missed out on stuff when he was younger.

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