What ? No new posts ?

Well. The last few times that i started a post with the words: “I’ve got nothing to write about” ended up with 3-4 pages long posts.
I’m not gonig to do that.
I don’t know why i havn’t posted in a week now, but i do know that my “vacation” is ending next week, and i’m trying to get a few things i want done before it does.
Things like models, games, etc.. they take a lot of my time, and frankly, i don’t feel like writing at the moment.

When i will, you’ll have pages and pages more to read.

Oh, and you wise-ass that always fills out that “funny” option in my polls, i’m offended that you don’t take my blog or my polls, seriously.

Please stop it.
If you don’t bother reading my blog, what the hell are you doing answering polls ???

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