Christopher Reeve

I don’t usually post stuff on my blog which are common knowledge, but i must say i was genuinly sorry to hear about Christopher Reeve’s death.
I mean – the guy IS superman ?
How can he die ?
Do you think they’ll bring him back to life like they did with the comic book superman ?

Anyways, the reason i decided to post about him was because of a post in Tim Buckley’s blog
Tim Buckley – for those who didn’t know, is the genius creator of the greatest online comic ever – Ctrl+Alt+del.

He wrote a post about Christopher Reeve in his blog, and someone send him a hate mail flaming Reeve for his selfish donations toward research which is related to his injury. I can’t belive such people exists. Tim really showed that guy off by publishing his email in his website… Later the guy apologized and he removed his email from the site, but that’s what i call a good revenge.. It’s actually more Vengence then Revenge. Avenging Reeve’s death !

Anyways, way to go Tim !


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