Parties, Biological clocks, new visitors, and my life order. (AKA: LONGEST POST

My biological clock is screwed up.
Ever since i’m “Self Employed” or “Between jobs” as you might call it, i’ve been going to sleep a bit chaotically.

I try to put some order into the chaos of my sleeping hours, and the end result is more chaos. Progress should be done in baby steps, not suddenly… I gradually went to sleep later and later, playing with the comp until 4,5,6am and it even came to 7 am. When i tried to set things right, and go with my tiredness and say, well, let’s take advantage of the fact that i’m tired at 23:00 and go to sleep, i end up awake at 5 am, and all through 10am. THEN i get so tired AGAIN, an sleep till 17:00…

Yesterday wasn’t a big help to the situation. Amnon, had his birthday / statring school party. Since he moved to Beer-Sheva to study, and now rents an apartment there, he decided to have a birthday-brunch-party. at 12:00 in the morning. You can imagine that with my sleeping hours, when i go to sleep at 10:00 i’d sleep 2 hour and then be torn apart from my sleep. I actually managed to go to sleep at i think 4:00. not sure. Woken up at 10-ish, and I was tired throughout the day.

The party iteself was pretty good. I really enjoyed myself. Good food, good company, Amnon bought some very good smoked Salami, and there were nice meat Ampenadas. And the spinach quiche i made got quite a few good feedbacks.

We went back to Tel-aviv, and i managed to keep myself awake till around 23:00 with Lee by watching a good old Star Trek: TNG episode – “Darmok”.
The guy who played the alien captain also played “the mirror” in that old “snowhite in the 20th century” show from the 80’s: “The Charmings” and also he was the captain of the reliant in Star Trek 2 – Wrath of khan. The actor died a few months ago from a heart atatck. Paul Winfield.

A lot of people die recently from heart attacks. Or, their immidiate reason for death is “heart attack”. Like what they claim was Christopher Reeve’s cause of death, or Douglas adams.

Going to sleep at around 23:00 ended up in me waking up at 4:30AM. an hour and a half ago. It’s 6:00AM now.
Ohh.. I just remembered i need to go to unemployment office today. They open up in 3 hours. So i guess i’ll go to sleep extremely late today.
Anyways, in that last hour I surfed some Israeli webcam chat rooms, where there are all the strangest people. The internet can be a weird place. 99% of the guys are horny guys who wants the girls to get undressed and touch themselves. 99% of All the girls are underage.
A few anomalies exists. For instance there’s a girl who sounds like she’s inteligent. What she says and how she talks to people. She sounds VERY inteligent. The types of snappy combacks at pervs, and stuff really got me impressed. But at the same, she talks about her breast implants she did, and about partying, and ofcourse she has to show them around…

I don’t know if any of you read the morning Israeli news before reading my blog or the opposite, but someone in one online chat just announced in the chat that Uzi Hitman (An Israeli poet, composer, and singer) died tonight… Guess from what ? Yes. Heart attack.
I must say the whole situation that girl was in was a bit odd. There she is, Topless and touching herself, and talking about Uzi Hitman’s death. I’m guessing it’s hard breaking a routine habit of touching yourself for something as trivial as celebrity death…

Oh my, They started doing some construcion work outside.. with a loud buldozer. *sigh*… Such noise. I wonder if could have had any sleep would i have not been awake. Wow. complicated scentance.

I have some things i need to do, like reading some articles, writing some stuff up, and doing some calculations.
And play some games.
The irony is that i don’t get to do those stuff because i feel too tired to read. Life is confusing. When i’m working and getting up in the morning i come back home tired, and without any feeling of doing anything, and also without too much free time. When i have free time i seem spend it to it’s full extent. Sometimes i see it as positive quiality time usage, especially when i’m doing stuff for recreation or self-improvement, like computer games, or watching TV.
Howevere, playing Syberia kinda gets the exact opposite feeling. It’s SOO slow, and SOO linear, and SOOO missed out it’s really feels like i’m playing it only because i need to finish it so i can uninstall it in favor of better games.
I’m really waiting to play LSL:MCL (the new larry game). I Hope it gets me back in shape.

I also didn’t work on my Voyager models for a while. I don’t really know why i gave it up. I’m not sure i did. It’s just that there’s are all those tiny reasons why to do postpone stuff that i’m suppose to do on it, and i end up postpone the whole thing.

An interesting fact is that i got a few new hits on my blog ever since i posted a few comments in Ron Gilbert’s blog and put up my URL there.
Welcome, I hope you stay and read my blog more then once.

Who am i kidding ??

Ok. It’s about 6:20 now, and i still need to figure out what to do in the next 3 hours before going to the unemployment office, and i need to also keep myself awake for the rest of the day…

Here’s Parts of my Todo list :

– Go To Unemployment office.
(so i’d get paid for now)

– Fix up topic pictures in BLOG.
(So the won’t be blurry)

– Speed up BLOG loading time a bit more.
(So i’d stop hear compains about it)

– Add ICON2004 pictures to gallery.
(So i’d stop hear compains about it too)

– Read a few online articles, one of which is Ron Gilbert’s “Why Adventure Games Suck” article which might prove very interesting.
(so i can close Mozilla, so i can Boot up my computer so those anothing sound hick-ups will stop.)

– Finish Syberia 2.
(so i can uninstall it and move to LSL)

– Finish Backing up computer.
(so i’ll be backed up, in case…YOU KNOW…)

– Work on Voyager model.
(so i can finish it already and put on dislpay)

– Go to swim and work out.
(for various reasons)

– Make some food, including yeast dough cookies, hot dog & bean stew, and Koogle
(so i won’t be this hungry like i am now)

– Find out about the GMAT test and take it.

(so i can maybe go study again)

Watch all kinds of movies and tv serieses with Lee like Indiana jones 2 + 3, Back to the furure 3, and Star Wars.
(so i’d be happy)

-Find job to pay rent.
(Alternatively find a “Get Rich Quick” method and exploit it, prefferably in form of start-up company)
(so i won’t be kicked out of my apartment)


Now what should i do first ??
And then what ?

I’m sooo tired….

Ironically, i’m tired, but not sleepy.


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