Plan failed. Now on to plan B !

Well.. Guess what ?
I went to sleep at 22:00, waking up at 14:00 today (after being woken up for 2 phone calls in the middle).

I have *yet another* job interview tommorow.

I’m guessing i’ll have to gradually wake up earlier, one hour each day, to actually manage this time shift, non-jet-jet-lag thing to be over.
I only accomplished 3 things of yesterday’s TO DO list, failed in doing 1 and didn’t do any of the rest. A few thing were added to the list after posting it yesterday, they include stuff like “fix the bloody soundcard problems already” and “impove BLOG php to add names in anonymous comments, and auto-email sending for every comment to the previous poster.

I have yet no idea what to do today, but i know it’s gonna be a busy day. Busy and tired.

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