Nonsense time.

S to the C, R, O double L,
My name is not normal but still i rock well.

It took Amnon 2 (TWO) weeks to find out where this quote is from.

I don’t think you can find where it’s from.
not YOU.‘s store holds a NEW item which i would very much like. Strong Bad email DVD’s.
If no one is going to buy them for my for my birthday or any other day, i’ll buy them for MYSELF !
HA !

I feel slightly drunk, but it’s only the anti-climex of takeing the test this morning.
no alcohol involved. only deep deniel.
Expect 6 more stages of posts. (anger, depression, etc…)

I started idleing in (instead of just idling in
What a nice bunch of people.

I’m also drawing a bit of comics tryouts, and working on my Voyager model (AT LAST!!)

I need a scanner.
and a DVD-rom (or possibly a burner).
and a new 200+ GB fast hard drive.
and a cd-radio for my car.
and some marshmellow to put in coffee.
and i wouln’t mind going to outer space too.

So, If you havn’t noticed, i’ve put a nice little “donation” button right there on the right. feel free to use it.

1 dollar can save that poor kid from marshmellow starvation.
YOUR donation can make a big marshmellowee diffrence.

After all you couldn’t even guess where that line is from. Even though you had ALL the clues RIGHT UNDER YOUR NOSE.

Fuck. I need to find a job.

I’m going to play before depressio comes and takes over.

Home Star Runner got it’s own WIKIPEDIA !!!



Oooohh. there’s a new Strong Bad Email i havn’t seen.

BYE !!!

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