Day out with the chookit

I went to the employemnt office again today.
My unemployment period will end next week, so i still have to come this week and the next.

Today was a dry day (non-rainy) so Lee decided to join me on a tour around Tel-Aviv, and we decicded to take the bike.

After getting to the offices (near shenkin-alenbi), we went eating a yummy Falafel and Shakshuka at “4 diffrent tatstes falafel” in King George near Dizengoff.
other then having most exquisit food, the guy who runs the stand is so friendly, and kind. I’m always willing to go back to any place of business where i’m treated nicely. It’s a compatative value that most Israeli businesses don’t regard, so it’s nice to get a smiling face and a greet when giving someone your money in exchange for goods and services.
The fact that i’m accompanied by a gorgeous blond always helps.

We continued to visit my grandmother, where we had tea and cookies. I managed to read a whole comic book while Lee did some homework.
On our way back we stopped to eat Thailand noodles, at the shop in Iben-Gavirol and Zabotinsky. It was very tasty. I go past that place every time i’m on my way back and forth from the unemployment office, and the smells of yummy oriental food always gets me. Last time i actaully stopped there, and had a burger. It was very good and i wanted to try on these noodles sooner. I would have if wouldn’t have started raining, so we were lucky that it wasn’t raining at all today.

All in all a good day.
In addition for having a nice weekend, in which we enjoyed the company of friend for the weekly Enterprise episode, along with a very tasty cake that Reut Sorek made. YUMMY!

We played (and finally finished) space quest 3. I miss those good games that they used to make. Instead they make such shitty games…

I wonder if i’m getting old. I’m starting to sound like an old man filled with nostangia for the “good” black-and-white movies, and hates today’s action movies.
I never liked black and white movies too much, nor i like action movies. Many of both generes are crap. I will admit there seems to be a lot more good “old” movies then “new” ones in recent year. I’m hoping it’s not an effect of the same problem of getting old.

Luckily i have more then a few people who agree with me on quality of new video games and movies.

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