It’s thursday night.
I didn’t do anything interesting today.

I watched some old stuff, some TV shows, and an old movie from my DVD collection, “Muppets from space”. Then i fell asleep for an hour, and woke up when Lee came back.
I though we were going out to thursday evening dinner like every thursday. or like it used to be a few months back. Recently those thursday night dinners havn’t been the same when not everybody comes, especially the nicer ones. and also when it gets cancelled every second week.
I’m feeling like going out and getting drunk.
I don’t have anyone i can do it with.
I tried called a few of my friends who i though might like to. no answer from either.
Then again, you can’t go out and have a drink without going to someplace where everybody is smoking and you’re choking and your all your clothes and hair smells disgusting.
Did i ever say i have smoking and smokers ?
Did i ?

I think i need to find a new online game. To get addicted to. And so at least i’d have some Virtual friend. which i can virtally get drunk with. online.
Is there any good online game that gives out free two weeks trial ?
that i havn’t played yet ?
too bad neither Lineage 2, nor City Of Heroes. And Seal Online isn’t in english.
And World of warcraft is still in Beta, and i didn’t get a key to the open beta. Such a shame. I really want to try it.
Any one got a good online game to suggest ?

on the same subject, i’m playing URU: Ages beyond myst. and i’m thinking of uninstalling it and playing something else, without even finishing it.
It’s a puzzle/exploraion game. and even though it’s 3rd person, i get nausia from playing it. it’s controlls are horrible.
I’ve played “singles – flirt up your life” just before it.
Don’t bother playing it. Not worth it. It’s like sims, only less good. Although it’s sex oriented, it’s a hassle getting them to have sex. and when they do, it’s not really that good.
Which might make it somewhat realistic.

I need a good game. A really good game. A game which I’ll think is good.
I’m waiting for KOTOR:2, in 3-4 months and runaway 2, and The longest journey 2.
But until then, i don’t know what to play next.

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