So it goes like this, for the past two weeks i’ve been going to an avarage of 2-3 job interviews per day. Today i had 4. Each one takes between an hour or two, and it takes about 30 minutes to get from one to another.
So, here i am, going around the country from side to side, saying tha same things over and over and over and over again. I worked here, i worked there, C, C++,, tcp/ip, object oriented.. blablabla….

Interviewers vary, and so do the technical and personal questions i’ve been asked.
I managed to even tell an actuall joke in one of them.
I’ve also been filtered out of one, during a very annoying phone call :
I’m in the middle of watching “Veritas: The quest” and eating dinner with Lee well into evening hours, and this guy calls from some company, doesn’t ask me if i can talk or anything and starts asking me C++ questions about everything from NULL pointers to stack and heap memory allocation. And get this, all during the most climatic point of the episode when i stopped just to answer the phone while my food was getting cold !
Then, after wasting a precious 10 minutes in which i could have been eating and watching the best part of the show, he has the nerve of telling me that because i had a bit loose terminology in defining to him what’s heap and stack memory allocations he doesn’t think i’m good enough for his company.
Well screw him. I’ve been and am going to be interviewed in 28 other companies who would probably even pay me more then he would in his stupid company that probably don’t have any place for someone with any sense of humor.

I’m going to sleep in preperation for another long day of job interviews tommorow accompanied by an annual visit to the dentist. I rather like going to mine. Even when i had to surgucally remove my wisdom teeth. He’s such a nice doctor, and very good one at that. He’s also a pilot.

I’ll finish with two small things:
First, I made Lasagna by recipe from “Cooking for engineers” website :

I slightly modified it and used Cottage cheese instes of ricotta and had to convert everything to the metric system, but it came out SUPERB !

The other thing is when i opened up my blog today, the random photot (there on the top riight hand of the screen) was this picture of Idan and some of the guys from Taiwan, and it really brought me back memories…
In overall, I really liked my stay at Taiwan, and kind of miss some of it. I can say i have a lot of fond memories that stayed with me from Taiwan. I’m glad i wrote all of them up in my BLOG for future reading, I should read some of it myself some day.
Right now, i’m going to sleep !


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