Hospital day again.

Second day at the hospital:
Lee is getting better very slowly. She’s been pumped with anti-biotics and painkillers so within their 4-6 hours of operation she’s feeling better, and has a relative good mood.
A few friends and some family came to visit her today, and although the circumstances, it was nice meeting some friends we havn’t met in a while… 😉
Assaf M. took care of me, lunchwise, when I took a short brake from the hospital while her family was there, and it helps to take my mind off the all the rest of the troubles, even for a short while.

I’ve also asked Idan to come and help my with some over-piled-up house chores.
He also kept us company while we were waiting for some test resutls from the Ramat hasharon clinique.
It’s nice to have friends who like to meet us and help us even in these situations.
After all: “a friend in need is a friend indeed”

I also like to pop suprise visit to any friend i happend to be “in the neighborhood” of.
It’s a mentality. And it’s my mentality. And If you happend to by my friend, and you’ve never got an unexpected visit from me, it’s just because you live somewhere that i havn’t need to have been to.

I’m all hope that Lee gets discharged from the hospital tommorow, so i can take care of her at home.
The words “clean bill of health” came to my mind in the context of the last sentance, but i didn’t see any way to include them, baucase i can feel it will take a few more days before she gets back to her normal healthy self.

I’m going to do some clean around the house now.

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