Hospitals, Sickness, and Lee

oy gevalt…!

I’ve had a rough day.
I’ve spent most of it in the hospital where Lee was admitted to today because she’s been having a high fever for the past 3 days.

The doctors are pretty sure about their diagnosis, and rather assured me she’ll be up and running by sunday…
well.. maybe not so running, and maybe still in bed, but at the one at home, with me.
I’ve only been a part from her for an hour and i already mis her, and hurt for the fact that she’s suffering in some hospital bed while i suffer from the knowledge of her suffering.
It’s going to be some tough night, today and tommorow being here alone at night, although i’m exausted, so i’m heading towards a crash landing in bed.

I know you’ll read it only when you get back from the hospital, but I LOVE YOU CHOOKIT ! and PLEASE GET WELL VERY VERY SOON !

If anyone wants to visit us once she clears up and at home, she already expressed the notion of it cheering her up. so: monday, you’re all welcome to come.
Just call a bit before that.

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