Foodlog: Gargir

Place name:Gargir
Location and distance from work:0 minutes, it’s downstairs..
Atmosphere: shiq + humus place.
Genreal food category: Humus bar.
Items tested:
– Yam Soup
Was nice, and came with hot-from-over fresh Pita bread, they bake the pita at the place.
I also tasted a big of their Humus, it’s a standart good humos.

Price: 22 NIS
The guys i went with to eat at were in a hurray, so the combination of fast serving, and no walking distance make this a preffrable place for them.
Observing the menu they also have combos that combine humus and some meat based main dish, like chicken or kababs.
I initially ordered the soup AND humus, but ended up cancelling my order of humus because the soup was huge.
Unfortunanly, being a soup, I walked out full but hungry.

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