Foodlog : New York, New York

Place name: New york, New york.
Location and distance from work:10 minutes.
Atmosphere: American diner.
Genreal food category: American.
Items tested:
– Antreecott steak
Comes with small salad.

Price: 49 NIS
Overall: EXCELLENT !!
One of my co-workers is a friend of the place owners, so we sat in the VIP room, and had deserts and hot drinks on the house.
The steak was excellent ! Meduim, just like medium should be. With excellent cream + black pepper sauce, and it was absolutly delicious.
Good meat, Good place, i’ve enjoyed it. And the FSE (Field Support Engineers) team are very fun to hang with. One of them went to the same high school as me, so we had a few laughs.

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