Not again !!!


They say “history repeating”. Yet again i managed to get myself fired over some stupid fight with my boss.

Ever since I started working, my boss (ex boss) complained that i don’t get to work on time. Apparantly when i specifically asked him if there are flexible working hours, and he said yes, he ment (and later he explained it to me) that a working day starts at 9:30 or earlier and end way after 18:30. the flexibility is that i can work as much as i want more with them needing to pay me overtime.
How flexible is that for the company, huh ?
Making me work 9-12 hours a day and pay me only for 9….

So i get to work every day at 10:00-10:30. One reason is that my car isn’t allowed to be on the road between 6:00 and 9:00. So i can’t leave my house befoer that, and i ususally leave my house at around 9:10-9:15. Take into account the traffic in Herzelia Pituah, and i don’t get any early then 10:00.

Today, i had to go to Misrad hapnim to get my Passport renewed. That’s a whole long story about how i waited in line for two hours, because i was told, after bothering to ask 3 times , (at least), that you get your passport done on the spot, so i decided to wait and get it over with. Apprantly, you only get it on the spot if you’re a resident of Herzelia (!!!). And i’ve waited two long hours for NOTHING !!!

So i get to my work at around 12:30, and the guys went to lunch at a resteraunt called Jacko . It’s a fish resteraunt, and i had a very nice Musht (How’s it called in english ???) fish. I might have swalloed a bone because my throat hurts.

Anyways, i come back from lunch, at around 13:30, and my boss calls me for a “talk”.
I know that way of speaking.
It’s like your girlfriend telling you “We have to talk”
You know you’re done for.
He takes me into one of the meeting rooms, and tells me that today was the last straw, and that it’s bad that i get in too late, and that they tried giving me a chance, and after two months of stubonness the VP of RnD thinks my attitude is too careless and i’m not to be trusted.
I was given a grace period and i’ll come take my belongings on Sunday…

Well… it’s time to start looking for a new job.
Any one knows any openings for a programmer ?

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