Happy Birthday to me

Technically, it’s tommorow, but a weekend is a nice time as ever to have a pseudo birthday party.
So, last night, we’ve called up our friends and some arrived.
Lee got me (yet again) a wonderful gift, and this time somthing i REALLY wanted for a long long while :
A Voyager era red Star Fleet uniforms !!!
i’m going to be wearing them all throuhg the upcoming sci-fi convention at passover.

A few guys teamed up tpgether to buy me a copy of world of warcraft. which means that you’ll be hearing a lot about that game once i start playing. I’m planning on doing that in June, as with all the holidays, and trip out of the country i wouldn’t have too much time playing it, Plus i’m still playing SW:KOTOR2.

Other then that, Astrid mentioned that her present to me is drying at home, and she’ll bring it another time.. this sound really interesting. I wonder what she made me, and i’m sure that whatever it is, it’s unique.

Presents aside, it’s been a very unemotional birthday (technically it hasn’t been yet…). I care less about the birthday itself, and while finding myself having to remind people that it’s my birthday, i don’t make a big deal out of it.
I’ve changed.
It used to be one of the most important days for me, and for some reason – it’s not.

i don’t understand why it’s like that recently, but people tend to want to flee our house, last week when we watched Return of the Jedi, the second the credits went up, it was like POOF! and everyone ran away, no lengthy goodbyes, nothing. just ran while interrupting us watching the credits.
I hate it.
I hate it when people just vanish, that they spent 4 hours talking having fun, and watching 2 hour movie, and then, don’t stay the most important 5 minutes of the whole meeting : the end of it.. where you debate the movie you saw, where you chat about stuff before you go, where you see some of the DVD’s SPECIAL FEATURES !!

This happen again yesterday, when Ofir said they’re leaving because he’s tired, everybody else took the oppurtunity and bailed out. Dissapeared. vanished. poof. guests no more.
Except for Idan, which stayed up because he had something to talk to me about.
Idan is also one of the people who vanishes first ususally, but this time he had something he needed to get off his chest….

Also, Assaf M. said he’s being sent E3 -the largest game expo in the world, which i’ve been to once, and I envy him. I want to go there myself…

But i partly accept my unfortunate fate that made me what i am today, careerwise.

Anyways, Happy birthday to me !

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