Phone kept ringing all day long while I was working, with someone. Couldn’t sit and work, but had to get so many “happy birthday” phone calls.
Oh, Thanks again – for those who called.
Then i went to my parents house.
Then i went to the gym (late)
Then i got back home at around 00:20
Then i sat here for an our instead of going to the shower.
Now (1:30), i’ll click on “Post” then go to the shower.
As far as i can tell, i’ll come back here and still won’t go to sleep but instead to something for another hour..
Will you wonder if tommorow’s post will be titles : “Tired !” ???

I feel this day, the day of my birth, was a whole big waste of time.

And telling you that i feel it’s just a reflection of my life won’t help.

28 wasted, 92 to go.

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