Taiwan Day 13- Tuesday- 03/02/04

Me and the guys went to eat at Bob’s bagel shop. I met this gentleman, Ron Teler, who’s a Jewish American (he didn’t actually say he’s Jewish but I pretty sure he is). He’s been in Taiwan for 7 years, and eats at the bagel shop every day, he grew up in New-york, and he even thought of making an “Aliya” to Israel at 86. He couldn’t find a job in Israel, and also couldn’t get into a Kibutz because he was too old for that. The ironic thing is that if he’d try to do it in 96 instead he’d probably be a happy, successful, Israeli, because he had a Software company in the states that delt with medical insurance, and at the time, there wasn’t any market for that in Israel, and he had nothing to do with his expertise in Israel, so it didn’t work out, and now he’s living here in Taiwan, trying to learn to speak and read Chinese. He talked to me about food, (Humos mainly) and we moved to politics for a few minutes. I usually don’t talk politics with anyone, but he had some different views from what I usually get from people I talk to, and they fit very similarly with the views of non Israeli Jewish people. Orson Scott Card has almost the same views.

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