Taiwan Day 14- Wednesday – 04/02/04

I don’t know if I mentioned it, Bob owns a Bagel shop here, it’s the same building his father’s hotel is in, next to the Sanctum office, in the same block as the office, just across a small park.

Bob also like Humus very much.
I brought Bob some Humus from the super (I had it on ice in the plane on the way here), and I also brought some of the ingredients needed to make it, like the Chick-peas (the actual humus beans) in a can, and Thina. They have all the rest of the ingredients, and they also have the chick peas, and they try to reproduce the Thina out of sesame seed themselves. So, soon, they’ll add “Humus” to the menu of the bagel shop. I have this “Marco Polo” feeling, but it’s the other way around, instead of stealing noodles from the Chinese and turning it into pasta, I’m bringing Humos to the Chinese…

Spicy Fondu
For two weeks now I’ve been hearing about “the spicy Fondu”. It’s something the guys here at sanctum have a tradition to eat before shows or important events. They take all they guests there. It’s like the Fondu I ate a last week, only with chili peppers cooking in it. Idan wouldn’t even dare to taste it. It’s not that spicy at all ! It’s even less spicy then the Curry I had three nights ago! For two weeks I’ve been hearing about this Fondu which is suppose to be so hot, and I try it and it isn’t that bad. I managed to get a good picture of myself and all of sanctum.
I didn’t really take any pictures the last few days. Nothing actually worth taking.
It takes me time and work to get them uploaded to the server, and then captioning them. So there was a long delay between the time they were taken till they were up. Somedays, not long. And some, it took 2 days or more to be captioned.

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