A long nice weekend

AHhh… long weekends are the BEST.

Though i didn’t get to do all the things i wanted, specifically i managed to play very little star wars kotor2.
we did however manage to catch the fireworks on independance eve, attend a pancake brunch on independance day, watch the star trek enterprise final episodes (notes about that below), make a late independence day barbeque (pictures coming soon).

I love fireworks. A friend of mine, Ariel, recently did a fireworks operator’s course.
I’ll do one myself once a new one opens.
We saw two firework shows and heard a third and forth. The second one was better and i though to myself how the show could have been better if i’d program it, and wether or not there are softwares to program the firework shows more exact, (i’m sure there are, but that there can be even better softwares) and if you can synchronise fireworks and music perfectly like they synchronize the Tikva and 4 airplanes in the Air Force pilot’s course ending ceremony.

A word about Lee’s Laptop.
NO BODY EVER DO BUSINESS WITH NATI SAKAL ! they are a bunch of cheaters ! Read Lee’s story at her blog But the point is that her laptop havn’t arrived yet.
and it’s been over 35 working days (over two whole months) since she ordered it. They were suppose to have it delivered within 21 days, and they didn’t.
now i’ll post some text in hebrew so the search engines will know to link here.
נתי סקאל הם שרלטנים רמאים שאינם מספקים את הסחורה שהבטיחו כלל !
אל תעשו עסקים עם נתי סקאל
וזהירות רוב המכרזים באיטנרנט של מחשבים ניידים מפנים אליהם !

again stay away from Nati Sakal.
I hope google’s no 1 search hit for Nati Sakal will lead to either me or Lee’s page, but i’m not worried. If you search for them you are direced to numerous sites that say VERY BAD things about them, their service and even the EXACT SAME SITUATION we are in, with all their failure to supply stuff we already paid for over two months ago.

I’m waiting to see how our lawsuit against them will be.

After having to smell tons of barbequed meat over independance day, and having gone to a vegeterian package brunch on the day itself, i decided on friday i MUST eat some barbequed meat.So we went to the supermarket, bought some meat, and coal, and an oven (mangal),
called up some freinds who also bought a lot of food, and we all gathered at Hayarkon park and ate and drank and had fun.

Lee’s mood suprisingly changed for the better.
Astrid made me a wonderful birthday gift which i only got yesterday at the barbeque.
It’s a small statuette with the phrase:
SAVE THE BUGS, Don’t check your code

It’s sitting comfortabbly on my work desk making my co workers laugh.

I took some pictures of it, you will find them in the hall of pictures once i am done uploading them, along with the barbeque pictures.

I didn’t upload them yesterday, because i needed my bandwidth urgently to use for something.
No, i’m not downloading any episodes of any tv show illeagally.
on a completly diffrent subject:
The last three episodes of star trek enterprise, and some say, last episodes of star trek.
They weren’t bad.
The last episode which was a nice cross over between Enterprise and Star Trek: The Next Generation, was nice.
There were some nice shots of the enterprise D, which looks diffrent in that high res, HDTV format that we saw it in.
But, you could see how much the actors who play Riker and Troi aged up. Jonathan Frakes gained some weight, and looks distinctively older.
And the whole deal with killing Trip in such a stupid way, was really useless and redundent.
There wasn’t any point in killing him, not like Data, or Spock.
I know a lot of fans are angry at that.

Anyways, This month, May 2005 is packed full of meaningful sci-fi event.
With Star Wars, and Star Trek coming to thier end, The hitch hiker’s movie, and leonard nimoy coming to Israel, and finally, us attending a star gate convention in London, all in all, this has been a very evenfull and exciting month, which might lead to a long dry anti climatic period after wards.

Stay posted…

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