We were on TV !!

Israeli Channel 10 invited us to be guests in the morning show today. Avri Gilad and the other presentor asked us questions about star wars and about us, and made us look like complete geek, but, since we are, and very proud of it, no harm done.
I tired asking for a copy of the show, but they charge 50NIS for it. I’ll think about it when i get back from London…
YAY !! LONDON !! In two days we’ll be vacating, eating, drinking, enjoying, meetinf stars and having fun !
but up until the flight i need to finish something like a gazzilion stuff, including a lecuture about Leonard Nimoy who we’ll meet tommorow at the Tel-Aviv Cinemateque..

I hope that 128M+128M+64M+32M will be enough for all the pictures i want to take in london. I know they won’t be. I’m guessing that probably the convention alone will take take much space, but each 128 costs 140NIS, and i already bought one memory card yesterday.

So many things happen in the past week, which has been crazy CRAZY CRAZY week that i’m utterly confused.

For instance, we found a impounding note on our door two days ago, which claimed that they’ll break in our apartment and take all the stuff unless some guy called “Rom Li” will pay 150,000 NIS.
I had to spend half of my day going to the govermental office and filing up a petition that i’m the rightful resident of my apartment and not that jerk who gave my home adress as his.
All i wish for is that creditors won’t come and sweep clean my apartment while i’m gone…
I have to finish working on my presentaton for the nimoy lecture.

I’m also sure i forgot to pack something REALLY important…

Live long and prosper !!!

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