SW: Kotor 2 summery

Here are some of my views regarding Star Wars : Knight Of The Old Republic II

If you remember a post from a year and a half ago about SW:KOTOR 1, I was debating if it was the best game of the year.
I cannot say anything like that about KOTOR 2.
KOTOR 2 Is dull, repetative, uninovative, confusing, and generally boring.

I have heared games on the game market being categorized by the number of game play hours the run. There’s one thing for your game to have a long game play, 5 hours, 10 hours, 100 hours, but i’d rather have a fun 2 hour game then a long and tedious 100 hour game.
It’s not fun fighting the same groups of sith assasins about a 100 times. I got the point the first 20 times…

And talk about BAD game balance, on one hand, it takes two skill uses to kill a group of 10 sith lord. and about 2 seconds of that.
then after you went all around the dungeon and killed all the 100 group of the 10 sith lords you get to fight the final “boss” of the game, and he’s like impossible to beat, unless you cheat and exploit bugs the game’s AI to hide from her.

Not to mention plot holes the size of planets !
one moment you’re here, next moment you’re there no explanation why or how !
Oh yeah, thanks, you give me a nice cinematic of my ship taking off and then after 3 minutes of loading i see a cinematic of the ship landing. now THAT explains why my main characted went to his ship and went to the other planet. YEAH, sure !

And talk about loading times, I belive i’ve spent 60% of all the 100 game play hours on watching either the “saving” or “loading” screens !
And each save game takes 25-50 MBs !!
Come on !!!
Didn’t you hire some PROGRAMMERS to do some optimizatoins while you were making your game ?

My conclusion :
Bioware ROCKS
Obsedian SUCKS

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