Al lowe sends this in his daily cyberjoke newsletter:

a wonderful case of revenge by a DJ’s wife who sold Lotus on eBay after she heard him brag about cheating on her.
Note the description on the item :

I need to get rid of this car immediately – ideally in the next 2-3 hours before my cheating arsehole husband gets home to find it gone and all his belongings in the street.

I am the registered owner and I have the log book. Please only buy if you can pick up tonight.

The 90,000$ car was sold for 0.50$

And while you’re at eBay, check out this guy.
Vinnie Santiago sent in this auction from a guy who took Weird Al’s song “I Bought It On Ebay” and made an auction out of it. He’s selling the rights to the domain www.IBoughtItOnEbay.com, plus a “mystery gift.”

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