I need a new computer !!!

I’ve just tried to install and play Phsyconauts, One of the games i’ve been really looking forward to play.
But it seems I can’t. I need a graphics card that can support Pixel shader 1.0 and my GeForce 2MX doesn’t.
So basically if I want a new graphics card, i need a new mother board, since it needs an AGP 8x and if i’m buying a new motherboard i’ll and a new cpu, and some memory, so i should probably get a new big complete computer instead of only those 4 components.
Which also means, new hard drives, new software, resinatlling all my existing software on it so i can work normally, and countless hours of tweaking and screwing around with stuff until i get everything to work.
It means i’ll have to dedicate tons of my free time to the cause.
Why does it feel like a burden? I’ve used to love getting new hardware !
Is it me getting old, or me getting exhausted ?


I also have a feeling i’ll need a new screen. The one i have has been serving me well for the past 10 years. It’s one of the best god damn monitors i’ve seen, So sharp and nicely coloured.

Unfortunatly, I havn’t seen any good LCD screens that I like. Everything simply sucks. The color, the refresh rates, everything and the ones that don’t suck cost a small fortune.

well.. off computer-hunting…
But now, i can’t decide which game i’m gonig to play next.
Still Life ?
Moment of silence ?
I need a bright and funny game, not a dark phsychotic murer related game like these two.

Any suggestions ?

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