Disgusting cockroach

Yuck !
Do you guys remember that episode in X-files about the cockroaches when one walks past the screen ?

I was watching some TV episode, and a cockraoch just walk past the living room, like there’s no tomorrow !

He ran away after i sprayed him. I think his final resting place is somewhere underneath a pile of computer junk that’s next to our sofa.

I’ll ask “Hevra Kadisha” (Lee) to do some gravedigging and dispose of the corpse.

Cockroaches are the one most disgusting thing there is in existance.
And the fact the i get to meet all too many of them, especially this week, when i’m sick, doesn’t really do me good.
Yeah, I woke up yesterday to find out there were two dead ones outside my room. one in the kitchen and one in the living room.
Just dying out.

I remembered the story about miners taking canaries to the mines so they’ll know when they hit a gas pocket when the bird dies.
I felt the same way about the roaches, as if they come to our apartment and died from something here.

Lee’s been wanting to move out of here for ages now, and i’m feeling as if I’m starting to grow old of this place, and that it’s time to move on, but the future is so uncertain.
Who knows if i’ll have the same job tommorow morning? or next month ? or where am I going to go study by MBA at ?

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