Funny Statstics

A comment i made in Astrid’s Blog lead to this funny conversation. I wanted to share it with you.

I her blog, Astrid complained about work, so I commented:
Title :Don’t Dispair
5 out of 8 of the blogs i read this week, including mine, had frustration posts about their high-tech jobs. The other 3 don’t work in high-tech.
I see a connection.

High-tech jobs are evil. pure evil.
just know that whatever your problems at work are, someone else is getting paid more money then you while doing less.

Astrid replied:

Your statistics on people complaining about their high tech jobs made me laugh so hard I almost got a nose bleed.

Well, while i’m glad my humor is having some effect, I don’t want to reak havoc.
In real life.
In game life, I do. i’m playing a game called “Evil Genius” and i’ll post a report on when i’m done with it. I can reak havoc there.

Also, an addition, one of the other 3 blog writers (non high-tech) also comlplained about her job…

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