Computer Game Design.

Amnon sent me this link.
For an article in Gamespot. Which i didn’t read because i thought it
was too long and too uninteresting because all the people who are
written about in the article made games that sucked.
this lead to an argument which concluded in me sending him a list of stuff i DO find interesting.
I decided to post it here because it might be of some use to someone.

But first some of the argument itself:
>>>your point being ?
>>they made games that SUCKED.
>>i prefer to read Ron Gilbert’s insights any day.

> My point being: thought you might be interested.
> Was wrong.
> Life goes on.
> P.S. Wouldn’t you rather working on games that suck
> rather then storage that blows?

Honestly ?
I don’t think so.
But if Majorem thought me anything, is that the answer to this question isn’t “YES!!”.
If it would have been, I’d already be working on some cellular phone games.
But it’s like programming utilities. It sucks.

If we’re on a subject of interesting things to read :

Much better article, from the same site, by better people:

And another:,318

And another:,142

And yet, Another:,325

And if you didn’t read this yet:

I’m sure there are TONS of articles about game design here:
or here:

and yes, i frequent this page weekly:
And I get dozens of rejection emails.

If you need any more reading materials, I can also give you names
of hundreds of books on the subject, type “Game Design” in amazon.

Don’t be upset if you send my something once a year and it doesn’t interest me.
The world if full of uninteresting people, and they say a lot of uninteresting stuff.
I’m sure a lot of people don’t read my blog.
And those who do read my blog don’t find everything interesting, and i know it for a fact.

I hope some of you found this post interesting.

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