Last posts’s article

I’ve actually read last posts’s article.
There’s a passage there that reminded me a chat with Amnon on the subject of games:

A lot of people tell me: “I’ve got a great idea for a game.” Frankly, who gives a crap? A great idea is meaningless. A great idea that leverages your existing technology, gets the team excited, is feasible to do on time and budget, is commericially competitive, and, last but not least, floats the boat of a major publisher… Now you have something.

I had the EXACT same thing with Amnon, only he got REALLY MAD when I told him you have an idea for a game ? … so ?

And another passage which i’m also sure i said some time:

The best part of my job is nerdy dream fulfillment. When I was a kid, reruns of the original Star Trek used come on at 6:00pm on channel 11. The thing I loved about that show was the feeling of how cool it would be to work with a group of people who were absolutely experts at what they do, who could constantly surprise you with their creativity and resourcefulness. Also, I wanted to have sex with that green chick.

Another thing that worries me:
Persistence and enthusiasm mean a lot in the game industry. So if you get knocked down once, just get back up and try again. You’ll get noticed.

Got knocked once, tried again. No one notices

I must also have another link added to the long list of links from last post:

The Inspiracy
Noah Falstein (Jewish ?) was one of the briliant minds in the good old LucasArts games.
I wonder if he’s still in touch with Ron Gilbert.
He designed many of the LucasArts games like Indiana Jones, and Monkey Island, The Dig, Day of the tentacle, and more…
His site has a lot of interserting stuff to read in regards to game design.

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