Wold of warcraft

Ah yes, the reason I’ve not been posting recently is World of Warcraft.
Like many other people, it has consumed and still is consuming all my
spare time, and some of my not too spare time. I can’t spare any time,
but as time becomes sparse I’ll spare you the time it takes you to read
about my lack of spare time.

two weeks ago i made a list of things i wanted to blog about :

  • The newspaper articles I’ve been interviewed for: About “The simpsons” and about my quest music band.
  • About being sick
  • About a package i got from sister
  • About buying a new video card, and the frustration with installing its drivers.
  • About the lack of ability to concentrate in anything (that was before i started playing WoW)
  • About the Space Shuttle’s EVA mission that I’ve watched live on Nasa TV
  • About the game “evil genius” which i played until last week
  • About my new optical sunglasses
  • About my Nearly complete space shuttle model

I don’t know if I’ll ever write about any of those actually. They might
make a good conversation with one you blog readers that actually
converse with me. There is roughly an average of 1.6 readers who do.

Lee went to vacation to visit her father in Poland, and I miss her, and
find trivial house work not so trivial. And I also miss supportive
human companionship. And i miss Dunkin Donuts. Hmmmm…..
Where was I ?

Never mind that, World of Warcraft is calling me !

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