By Popular Demand

Astrid posed two questions:

You miss supportive human companionship while you are busy playing WoW?

What was in the package you got from your sister?

I’ll start with the second, my lovely sis got me a nice star wars toy
diorama of one of the scenes from Episode I – mos espa encounter. It’s
near mint condition and it’s very nice.
I think you saw it Astrid….

For now, unlike many other MMORPG’s I’ve played, and I’ve played a few,
World of Warcraft haven’t been too great like everybody seems to think
it is. It’s as addictive as the rest, but so far, it hasn’t been too
different or too exciting. I’ve seen better chat systems, and better
skill systems and better profession systems, and I’ve done “kill 10
monster type a” quests and i did “kill 10 monster type b” quests and i
did “kill 10 monster type c” on some other mmorpg’s. why HECK ! I
WROTE a “kill %NumOfMonsters% of type %MonsterType%” quest system !
And mine had all so many other types of quests ! like “Bring this to
that guy” (also in WoW) and “go find this from there and bring it back”
type of quests. But mine had other stuff that WoW’s doesn’t.
And I’m missing two important things i had in two other MMO’s i played recently.
1. I don’t have a Lightsaber. Nor anyone else in the game. That’s
really anoying. Every game should have lightsabers. Lightsabers are
great. All hail the might god George Lucas.
2. I can’t fly. City of heroes was like those dreams i have where i can
fly and fly and hover and floats and it was so fun. Every game should
have flying. Flying is great. All hail the Wright brothers and
So, now I’ll answer Astrid’s question:
In other MMO’s people want to group with each other. in WoW all other
people want to do is Duel or trade. Even if you DO find someone that’s
on the same quest as you are, they wouldn’t want to form a party with
you because then they’ll get less XP !
In CoH they get more XP since quests become harder for larger groups,
so you get the same XP when grouped and it’s much more fun.
In SWG it’s simply more fun to group.
There are also guilds, but i feel I’m too low leveled to be in any
guild activity, since all of them are levels 30 and above and I’m only
i did find a way to get some money, as I’m fishing some rare fish and selling it for a high price, at least ill have money gold.
which won’t help my human companionship.
I felt much more “togetherness” when i played Realm Of Magic
– A MUD, Multi User Dungeon, the ancient form of MMORPGs which are all
text based. I had friend and a social life and everything there.
Even attended a few weddings.
But WoW is SO massive that there are too many people and nobody
cares about anybody else, and my game client and my computer starts
grinding the harddrive everytime I’m near a big city because
there are hundreds of other players there with polygons rendering.
Blah !

here’s the answer to your question and some other questions i didn’t want to answer…

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