Taiwan Day 20

I’m Finally Synchronized with my blog!
The weather was so nice, I skipped work and went to the Taipei Topview Observatory on the 50-somethingth floor on the Shin Kong insurance building, I got there just before sunset, and took WAY too many pictures. It’s the first time since I’ve been here that I actually went somewhere further then a walking distance from the hotel, by myself. Alone. Without any understanding of Chinese. I was at first a bit lost, not technically, but mentally. And it wasn’t for the fact that I had the name of the street of the hotel written on a piece of paper, I don’t know how I’d got back to the hotel, rather then calling Nelson or Bob to come pick me. But I managed it anyway. I have a very good orientation of the city itself (I am a pilot after all), so I didn’t get lost, but had this “lost feeling”, I’m guessing that if Lee was here with me, I wouldn’t have had that feeling because you can’t get lost when you’re with someone, and even if you do it can actually, sometimes, be kind of fun.

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