Touch and go

This week was a bit scary for me. A month ago, after I ate some popcorn I started to feel as if there was something stuck in my throat. Naturally I went to see a doctor, so this Sunday, I had a fiber optic stuck into my nose down to my throat, and it was horrible. The doctor I went to was an incompetant fool how not only knew how to perform the test properly, but said he saw a lump in my throat, and suspected a tumor, and that I should go perform a Biopsy.
Today, I went to the hospital to have my throat checked for tumors.
First, the doctor at the hospital was nice. He used a sedative in the form of a spray, which made the whole test go very smoothly, and unlike last time when I was completly choked, this time it was only midly uncomfertable.
Apparantly, the popcorn I ate scratched the back of my throat, so all i have is a wound back there…
So now i’m on some pills, and it should pass away some time in the future.

1. i’m not gonna die out of throat cancer after all.
2. Modern medicine havn’t progressed a lot since the days of witch doctors. Only the technology that doctors use. So, if you have better equipment and know how to use it properly you’re better off. When you don’t you’re in for misdiagnosis..
Always get a second opinion.
3. I’m not gonna eat popcorn, or fish in the forseeable future. I’ve had enough trauma for now.

Live long, and be healthy.

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