Yesterday lee was braging about her mother being invited to parties where she was meeting a lot of imporant people: A phylosiphy (or was it history) proffesor. An ex-General in the IDF. blah blah…
I wasn’t impressed. I thought to myself at that moment:
I don’t appriciate those people. So even if he is the fucking prime minister, so what ? Why should I be impressed ?
Then i thought: Am i impressed AT ALL by ANYONE ? or am I such a critical person that everything around me simply bores me ?

Then I kept thinking and realized, that i’m just surrounded by a coutry that’s full with unimpressive people, and the problem isn’t with me at all, it’s with my surroundings.
I don’t get excited by meering some professor from the university because it is insignificant for me.
Mind you that I do get impressed alot by a whole lot bunch of people, only none are Israeli. And that’s a shame.
I can honestly say that I can’t think of even a single name of any Israeli who’s accomplishments impress me.
The reason I know that it’s Israel that sucks and no me, is that i DO admire A LOR of people.

If I wouldn’t, i wouldn’t have found Buy a car for Ron Gilbert
I also admire George Lucas, Weird Al Yancovik, Al Lowe, and Tim Buckley.
I would like to meet John Bilingsley, Robert Picardo, and Peter DeLouise.
I admire John Williams, Alan Silvestry, Danny Elfman, Franz List, and Douglas Adams.
And I was extremely jelous, and still am of Amnon for seeing Douglas Adams in person.
Now that I can appriciate !
Don’t come to me with any politicians, historians, or modern artists. Those aren’t worth anything.
I should move to LA. That’s where those people are.

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