An email i’ve sent to Lee this morning consisted of the following words:


and a link:

Tim Buckley (who was mentioned in an earlier post), the creator of
Ctrl+alt+del comic, is making an animation series from his comic strip.
It’s gonna be downloadable only for paying customers, and their
business model is the one me an one of my anonymous friend (you blog
readers who know me also know him, he talks LOUD), are talking about
that if we were only given the chance to buy a downloadable copy at
reasonable quality of our favorite shows from their official website,
we wouldn’t have reduced ourselves to piracy

Since you never clicked “personalize now” you don’t know what i’m talking about.

I’ve had a short discussion with Randy, from Blind Ferret
Entertainment, who are behind this animation feature and also behind
the wonderful online comic Least I Could Do which I’m still waiting for it’s books to arrive. Here’s a copy of my email I thought i’d share it with the world:

Hey Randy,

First, if you remember, we’ve talked about shipping the LICD books to Israel
some few months ago.. Still anticipating.

Both me and my girlfriend are CAD and LICD fans, although I’m more CAD fan and
she’s a more LICD fan. Odd that she likes LICD better. Can’t tell you why, it
simply is… Just like mount everest IS and Alma Kogan isn’t.

(some old Monty python quote.. sorry)

The resolution of the trailer is acceptable, but having an HDTV projector i
always aspire for better.

Here’s my dilemma about the file format, Quicktime is my preferred format (other
and getting a good old l33t xvid file straight to you hard drive). Sadly you
cannot view it in full screen from withing your browser unless you’re saving it
and opening it with it’s dedicated player. And since you’ll most probably
disable the “save” option I’ll get stuck with watching it non full screen, which

on the other hand, IMHO Windows media player sucks more big time. I tried
watching the trailer now just to test it our. it’s choppy, plays a second then
pauses, then plays a second again. I can’t configure it to stream the whole
movie before playing, and i can’t use it with my Mozilla properly.

Have you thought about Realplayer ? I’ve had a pretty good experience with them too.

A free advice about file sharing. My work experience includes 2 years work at a
game company, and prior to that more then 2 in various jobs related to computer
security, some as a professional hacker.

Trust me when I say this. No matter how strong your DRM enforces is, or what
means you use to make sure it does take 5 minutes for you video to hit the file
sharing softwares, it will just take the better hackers 10 minutes, 20 minutes,
an hour, or worst case, a day.

No matter how strong is the encryption you make for your video game, it’ll be
cracked and even pre-released.

The morality I believe in, is that if there’s something worth spending money
for, you do. Regardless if I can get the same thing for free from your favorite
file sharing software. That’s why I’ll pay for the premium membership in any
case. I just wanted to make sure I’ll get my money’s worth….

My point being is, that you should try and appeal to your costumer’s ethics, and
do all the thing you are already doing like offering extra content for paying

I hope you succeed making enough profit to keep this project not only running
for the whole time, but also extending it.

CAD-animation is the amongst the first “TV” shows that offer you to buy them
rather then watch them on the air with too many commercials.

I’m sure you’ve heard many of these arguments before, but it’s just some more
food for thought….


And all the best luck with your projects !


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