Hard Work, Big Announcements

After months of hard work in debating and negotiating, anger and frustration, on my behalf, Starbase972 and the management of Olamot have finally agreed to sign over a contract to bring over Claudia Christian, Babylon 5’s Ivanova to the passover convention !!

I’ve been dealing with trying to bring over a guest star from on of the sci-fi shows i watch for a long whlie now, and while looking to bring a guest from Stargate over, his agent mentioned Claudia’s interest in coming.
As you’ve read in my frustration post a while back, it was very hard work, and very emotional to deal with the whole situation.

Moreover, i’m excited about this whole thing even though i’m not a Babylon 5 fan ! I’ve even only seen a hanful of episodes…
This opens up a whole new world in terms of bringing actual stars over and not just more boring writers.
When this event is a success, and it will be with Claudia’s participation, we’ll have the oppurtunity to bring over some other guests, especially from Star Trek, or Stargate.

Now, with 2 months to prepare, I’m under the task of publicizing her arrival. I need to contact my friends over at the media.
But first, I would like you to help me with “Viral advertizement”. Tell your friends about Claudia. Tell them she’s coming over at Passover ! And tell them to tell their friends.
This is big news, and it would be ashamed if any B5 fan out there wouldn’t know about Claudia’s arrival, so spread the word !

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