Is No news good news ?

Yes, you’ve guessed it right.
Again, i promise you i’ll write tommorow but you get nothing the next day.
It’s a bit of work to take the picture, rotate, upload, write my story as htm, insert the images, write the html tags, post in the blog, preview, see that i have broken links, typos in image names, fix, preview, fix, preview, post.

Too much work.
If you want to hear it, call me, or email me, or MSN me, or ICQ me.

To summerize though, it was well worth it to get up at 6am. I have some nice memories in my RAM. or hard drive.
William Shatner doesn’t seem like the snob bastard everyone keep saying he is.
He looks like a nice private person, which is gonig to go through a lot in this short visit of his to Israel.
part for interviews, press conferance, meetings all over with dignitaries like Shimon Peres, and some ministeres, meeting with business men and going to several horse farms all over, in the north in the south, they have him wake up early for dawn and sleep late.
So being busy and everything, that’s why he couldn’t spare time to meet Trekkies, or that’s why his agents here couldn’t find time for him to meet fans.

So, how did we met him ?
My famous diplomatic Hutzpa that can virtually get me anywhere.

So i managed to sneak in, with permission of course, which i sneakily got.
And I sneaked in Lee as well, couldn’t have it any other way..

so we went there to the press conferance and to get there at 8 we had to wake up at 6.
It’s when i usually go to sleep, you know.

I feel some guilt and dissapointment.

I’d rather meet the stars i’m fan of at a convention with the right context and atmosphere, and the right time of day, and to have a chance to meet them in person in a one on one chat, would be better.
So seeing William Shatner in a boring press conferance, about donations for horse back riding treatment, where he bearly talked, was not ideal.
When he did talk it was nice.
He has that sense of humor in real life as well, and he seemed very natural, but very very tired.

I feel some guilt being one of the only Israeli fans who got to see him in person in Israel, excluding Lee, a guy called Erez ben-ari, and some press and dignitaries who aren’s star trek fans.

I did fullfill my obligatory duties as an Israeli trekkie and formal representative of starbase972 in that event, and handed him with a copy of our magazine while introducing the fan club, mentioning we’re a non profit organization, and we want to help out with charities.
His response: Good ! Lets get some money out of the Trekkies !

Which means one thing: There’s hope.
Now that he’s personally aware of us (and not his agents) and he knows we’re non-profit, we can make another step towards getting him to appear in a convention or a fan meeting..

And i feel proud that I’m part of those paving the way for it.

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