Sleep, Vampires and Zombies.

I’m a vampire. or a vampire-zombie , or zombie vampire, if you will. That’s because i’m wide awake all night long and during day time, I look mindless during the first few hous of the day. Even though i try hard to wake up as early as i can, i can’t manage to go to sleep any earlier then 5am. I set my alarm clock to 11:30 each day, in order to go to the office at 12:00 along with most of the other guys. each day it rings at 11:30, i press snooz and go back to sleep, the wake up call from the guy at the desk wakes me up at 11:35, i pick up, say thanks, and go back to sleep. the snooz wakes me up, and i snooz it again and go back to sleep. I asked nelson to start calling me whenever he sees i’m not in the office by noon, so he’s been calling me for the past week each day… when he calls at around 13:00, i actually force myself out of the bed, and in fact get to the office a few minutes later.
Today i tried to beat the system, so to say.

When the 21st snooz was going off, i looked at the time and notice i still have time beat nelson’s call. i got up, dressed got my bag and, opened the door, and… ring ring…
“Hi Nelson. You’ve spoiled it for me. i wanted to show you i can get to the office without you having to wake me up. see you in 2 minutes”.
(my hotel right next to the office).

Unfortunantly, the weekend starts tommorow, so by Monday, it’ll be much more difficult to beat the clock and wake up early enough.
If only i could manage to go to sleep earlier then 5am…
But i can’t. Too much stuff to do. Computer games, tv series, chats with friends, emails, and blogging.. it’s just too much, and just too much fun. so i can’t really let it go and go to sleep.

Good night!

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