Poof !

I had this feeling on monday-tuesday. As if the bubble has just bursted. Everything before was “too good to be true”. Now it’s routine, and i start to recognize the down side in everything. I’ll give you a small insignificant example which was the “straw that broke the camel’s back” for my bubble. Tea in paper cups. The kitchen here in the office (like many officed) was supplied with tea, instant coffee, and paper cups. This was when i first arrive in the previous three week trip.
I used to drink a cup of tea at least once a day. mainly because all their soft drinks (they have soft drinks in the fridge, which they told me i can have any i want from them) aren’t very good. Most of the soft drinks are either Ice Tea, or some sasparilla soda which i hate. I once or twice actually found Fanta or sunkist in the fridge, and that’s it. So gradually the number of paper cups and tea bags decreased to 0. First the tea bags, when they run out, i started drinking the instant coffee.
The coffee is pretty disgusting. but then the cups ran out. I asked nelson about the soda in the fridge, and about tea and cups. He said that officially, the company only provides one thing. Water. And the fact that there’s soda is just because he had left over cases of soda cans at home and brought it there, And then he said i should ask bob to bring some cups from the bagel shop, because he’s the owner.
It’s not that important, (other then the fact that i think i dehidrated a bit yesterday) but it these little things amongst others that made my “everything’s perfect” bubble burst. It’s not perfect anymore. No more tea. or cofffe. or soda. or cups to drink the free water with.

Today there suddenly appeared in the kitchenette a box of tea bag that i can use with the hot free water. however, without cups i’ll probably end up with burns on my hands, so i didn’t try to make tea.

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