An Odd Chap I Met At The Subway.

After finishing dinner with Sterling at TGI Friday’s, (yes, I actually got to eat there, on saturday), I was looking at some flyer that someone handed to me when i went into the Subway train. The subway here, called MRT, is in some part above ground. Anyways, back to the story, Next to me were standing, a wester looking guy and a girl. They asked me about that flyer i was holding, and when i said i don’t know anything about it, they asked me where i’m from. These two were brother and sister, and he actually got off at my train stop, which was only one stop from where i went on the train, so you can imagine how short was the conversation with his sister. He introduced himself as Keiran, A canadian, who decided to go and live in Taiwan. He learn chinese and teaches english, Like a lot of foreigners here do. He actually lives on teh other direction from where i was going but decided to walk with me a bit, since he wasn’t in any hurry, or not doing anything in particular. I didn’t mind the company. I wanted some coffee, so we actually sat in some coffee place on the way back to the office (where i spend most my time).
We talked about Chinese, and languages in general, about his life in Taiwan, and life in general. I didn’t mind inviting him to see Ballerium. So we went to the office, and we talked some more about all sort of stuffs. Since it was purim, I offered him some of the Oznei Haman i brought with me. So far they’re very liked here around the chinese people.. He mentioned the fact that he never had a fresh date, and really asked me what’s it like. I tried my best to describe it, and how diffrent it is from dried dates, we kept talking about Purim for a while, and he mentioned he’s something called “Jehova’s Witness”. He also seemed a lot interested in how you say certain word, or rather names in Hebrew, as opposed to English/Latin. I asked him what’s the diffrence between that and Christianity. I didn’t really understand the answer, and well.. i don’t know if i care enough to know. I know Idan would have made a lot out of this conversation, and also will probably had a lot more to add to it. I tried reaching him on the ICQ but he wasn’t there. I ended up googling and the Walla’ing the Jewish Bible, which you can find complete, With nikud online. He compared some of the verses in hebrew (or my rough biblica-hebrew to english traslation of it) to how he knows the bible.
I don’t know how i find myself in such a conversation, becuase i couldn’t care less about religion, and much less about christianity then judaism. More then the fact that he was interesting conversation, he was interested in what i had to say, which is why i think it lasted a while.

His sister sent him an SMS that she would like to learn some Hebrew, and so i told him that she can feel free to call me, and i have no problem teaching her a bit in my free time.

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