Jade and Flowers.

I was awaken today, even though not too early, with some rice. I’ll explain. It’s chinese tradition for the family of a new born baby to give out rice. So I got Bob’s new baby’s rice, delivered to my room, at 12:30, and without me even expecting it. so i decided i’m gonna wake up and go down to the bagel shop and eat it there with a cup of tea. I did. Almost read through the entire Futurama comic book i bought before bob showed up and explain to me why I got rice delivered to my room at 12:30 in the morning.
As suggested i go to teh Jade market and Flower market. And that he and his parents are going to the hospital, and it’s on thier way and they’ll give me a ride in half an hour.
By that time, it was already 13:30, so i finished reading my comic book, and met bob at the office at 14:00, and they dropped me off there.
There are 3 markets that are actually placed under the highway bypass, where in weekdays they have a parking lot. They are very conservative when it comes to land space.
I went over them from north to south. The Jade market was first, and although it’s called the jade market, it’s basically a jewlery/crystal/artifact market, which had a lort of non jade mechendise, some cheap, some expensive. I got an oppurtunity to try out a lot of macro photography. A lot of the crystals there are so very beutifull, that i wish i’d have more then 128MB on my camera… But i guess many of these picture might look boring for the observer who havn’t been there. Like most of my pictures.
I continued to the other market, it’s called “Flower market”, but much like jade market, the majority of the merchendise aren’t flowers, but garden related. Flowers, plants, cactuses, small fountains that produce smoke , which i’m not actually sure but was told is water vapor, which is odd, because it’s not hot. I know Idan would have loved going there, there were A LOT of types of vegetation there, including herbs, like tea herbs. I even saw Nana there. The this market is called handicaped holiday market, and i guess it’s because the salesman or artists there are handicaped in some way. There were all sorta Pitchifkes there. And some nice painting. Didn’t buy anything though because i didn’t find anything interesting…

All in all, i must say i did a lot of walking and i feel like i’m sunburnt, although it’s imposibble becuase, a. there was no sun, b. the markets is UNDER the overpass, so even if there was sun, definently not there.

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