I just finished playing “Beyond Good And Evil” !! It’s SUCH a good game !!
Very Great story and the best sound and music i’ve ever heard in a computer game. They’ve reached a level of finishing touch i would have never expected from a computer game, and especially with the current industry managment.
I’m having a very hard time decideing which game, i think, can be considered game of the year in my opinion. Because when i finished both “Star Wars: Knight Of The Old Repblic” and “Runaway” I felt almost the same. An overall “Ahhhhhh” feeling you get when you finish a good game. I think it’s wise for me to wait a few days for this feeling to decay, and then try to objectivly decide which i like best. So far i’ve played at least 3 games in the “best” category this year, and, I have a lot more stacked. Maybe it’s just me who likes computer games, and especially if they are single adveture game, or adventure games in a “action adventure” or RPG disguise.
Not that i don’t get addicted to online games. I do. Very quickly, very easily, and especially if they are free for their first two weeks (like my MUD addiction to ROM or my addiction to Asheron’s Call 2 or my recent Ragnarok Online addiction, which is odd, because the game itself pretty much suck). But they don’t ever end. so you don’t get the climatic feeling. It was, and still is for me, hard to work on an online game, since I rather work on an adventure game. But don’t worry, one day I will.

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