Wow !
Talk about conincidenses !

Two weeks ago, due to comment spammer attacks on Car4ron i started receiveing emails from my webhost that i’m over my bandwidth quota and that i should pay them about 5$ per gigabyte.
Moreover, the site’s registration and webhosting period ends in a few weeks.
Since there havn’t been a single donation for almost a year now, i thought i’d just cancel it, and redirect the page to a page in Corbomite games until it expires.

Today, i found out it has ben linked to by a German Site (google translated).
I got in 1 day over 2500 hits.
That’s the most hits car4ron has seen from any single site !
And I was more than suprised that about 0.5% of the visitors decided to donate new money !! (13 new donors)
It sums up to about the 20$ I need to spend on re-registaring the domain name !

How cool is that ?

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